We are an olive tree specialist nursery.

Our experience with olive trees allows us to offer quality olive trees at reasonable prices.
We oversee the entire process of olive tree selection, from its removal in its place of origin, its transport to our nursery, and finally its arrival and plantation in your garden.
We are based at Ploeren, in Brittany, France. We stock over 300 centenarian and multi-centenarian trees at our 7000 square meter nursery ground.

We deliver to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg, England, Ireland, Germany and the rest of Europe.
Delivery is possible throughout the globe. We have delivered to numerous overseas countries, and the list is growing.

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Olive tree specialist. Whole sale and retail sale of centenarian and multi centernarian olive trees.
Our selection of olive trees :
Retrospective 2015
Container export to the caribbean
Plantation by crane to a Parisian patio
Transport by crane in Switzerland
First-hand selection and removal for delivery to our nursery


Our online catalogue includes all our olive trees, from our centenarians and multi-centenarians to our exceptionally old millenarians! We offer also Niwaki Olives (also know as cloud, or Japanese style).
In our catalogue, each olive tree is shown with one contractual photograph, along with its detailed description.
All trees shown in our catalogue are presently in stock.

Access our catalogue here: view our catalogue


Olive tree plantations exist primarily for the production of olives, and olive oil (of which its health benefits are well known). Sadly unfortunate however is that olive trees are also commonly used for firewood, when their harvest is no longer profitable enough for their owners.

Our motive is to save these noble trees from their fiery fate, providing a valued alternative purpose as unique garden ornamentals, with their aged, sculptured form, and individual character.

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We are one of the few Olive tree specialist nurseries in France, and in Europe. We carefully select our trees ourselves in their growing location in order to ensure their health, form, and variety. This in turn allows us to provide hardy, healthy trees, fit to thrive and survive the colder regions of Europe, and overseas.
Our olive trees are reconditioned and acclimatized for 2 years in our nursery here in north-western France. During this time we take great care of their re-adaptation and container life (drip-line irrigation, highest quality and adapted bedding, and full sun, etc) while awaiting their final destination.
We are highly experienced in delivery to all of Europe, and overseas. Our wide and varied stock will allow you the choice of tree you require. Our stock is replenished continually

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We have several exceptional olives. We personally deliver these trees throughout France. We will oversee the entire process for these trees, from purchase to plantation and will be pleased and able to advise you throughout the entire process.

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